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Subject: Copying just a dynamic .aspx page
Author: Riterix
Date: 06/14/2017 14:26

I really would like to copy a website but not the entire one, 

here the url : <>

What I want from Httrack to do is to give id parameter everytime it wants to
get a page, it's like a loop, from 1 to 5700, so we end up having 5700 html
pages, the name of the page is the id of the medicament.

I did everything, parameters, options, but it steels jump to other pages and
getting what I don;t want to have.

I really want to get the website, because the free support of the site sited
above, ends in 30 June 2017.

Thank you guys.
Amazing software, users since more than 10 years. in both world (Linux,

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Copying just a dynamic .aspx page

06/14/2017 14:26


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