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Subject: files from Amazon S3 with AWSAccessKeyID
Author: Dominique
Date: 06/27/2017 14:14

I have an issue with files stored on Amazon S3.

These files do have an AWSAccessKeyID that changes every time the file is

As the website I am mirroring has multiple links to the same files, every time
HTTracker accesses these files it creates doubles/triples or more of the exact
same image/video but with different names.

Is there any way to tell HTTracker to only access a same link once?
The links look like this:


and for example an image file would look like this:


where the accessKeyID changes every time the page is accessed.

Thank you in advance for any useful information.

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files from Amazon S3 with AWSAccessKeyID

06/27/2017 14:14


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