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Subject: Will my information be stored long term?
Author: RJ
Date: 07/02/2017 23:02
I am saving content from a course I am taking. To get to the course videos you
must have a valid login. I was able to download the page with the playable
video (Only while using an internet connection).

My question is; after this course is over and I no longer have access to
logging in, will I be able to view the HTML page I downloaded, and more
specifically will I have the ability to play the video.

If you're confused what I mean is

I download website page "X"
Page "X" requires username "Y" and Password "Z" to access the video on the
Webpage. I saved the video successfully, but an internet connection is
required to view it. Once my course is over will my HTML download still
connect to the website and play the video without having username "Y" and
Password "Z"? Or will I be directed to a login screen?

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Will my information be stored long term?

07/02/2017 23:02


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