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Subject: Filter - Capitalization Insensitivity
Author: Matt
Date: 07/18/2017 17:26
Can we please get a filter context that ignores CaPitAliZaTION, without having
to write out the entire thing*[C,c]*[A,a]*[P,p]*[I,i]*[T,t]*[A,a]*[L,l]*[I,i]*[Z,z]*[A,a]*[T,t]*[I,i]*[O,o]*[N,n]/

My thought would be  *^STRING^  to match any variation of "STRING" (string,
String, STRING, sTRING, etc) due to capitalization.

would match the same as the garbled pattern above

This could be expanded to *^STRING*X^  where X is a specifier to indicate how
to store the files, and alter links locally.
   L - All lower Case
   U - All UPPER Case
   F - First Letter Only
   A - Acquire, First instance of the Link sets the Case for all others

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Filter - Capitalization Insensitivity

07/18/2017 17:26


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