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Subject: Filter - Limiting Wild cards
Author: Matt
Date: 07/18/2017 20:05
In most command shells the wildcards are * and ?
Where * is 0 or more,  and ? is Just one

Currently I can match a numeral by the filter *[0-9], and a three digit number
by *[0-9]*[0-9]*[0-9]. The problem is that according to the documentation
*[0-9] will match any number of digits.

I suggest we add the following context.
*[?0-9]  would only match 1 digit.

I will not break any exiting filters as ?xxx is invalid currently (would have
to be ?,xxx) and no paths or file names can have a ? in them

This could be expanded to *[X?SpecialWildCard] where X is the required number
of repeats, where
*[3?0-9] would match any three digit number, or the first three digits of a
larger number. (would be short version of *[?0-9]*[?0-9]*[?0-9] )


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Filter - Limiting Wild cards

07/18/2017 20:05


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