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Subject: Re: httrack not download website
Author: Matt
Date: 07/21/2017 15:27
First, While you changed HTTrack versions, they site may have change and caused
the issue.

Do you know which old version worked, or how long ago that was?
Second, when ever I have a problem with a site, I slow HTTrack down  (8
connection is very fast) try 4 or 2, and limit your connections per second to
3 or 4

Next "Unable to get server's address: Name or service not
    So either the service is odd (not http or ftp or https)or
the web address is not being found by HTTrack in DNS

I recommend not specifying a service (don't write <>   Do
write instead "")

If its not a service issue, and the site is really still there. Then HTTrack
simply cannot find the website at all. This is a networking issue on your end.

 1. Can you see the site in a browser on the same machine
 2. do you use a proxy setup?  or have a virus/malware on your system that's
given you a proxy setup.
 3. manually add the site as an entry in your hosts file, to skip DNS all
 4. as a test try another site entirely. just randomly tick one.
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