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Subject: Re: some files do not copy
Author: Matt
Date: 07/24/2017 17:43
HTTrack does not copy all the files in a `directory` (url level)

It will get the html page that's at (usually it's

It will then collect all the links on that page.

Then based on the filter rules it will grab all allowed linked-to pages. (and
assets like images)

Then repeat, on all those pages.

My guess is that three.html is not in a link on pages 1,2,4 or index

if you do a mirror of 3  that is giving HTTrack the link to 3 so it works.

You say its your site, so add a link to one of the pages to 3 and it should

To artificially add a link, simply add it as another staring target, on the
second line, Like

This will then spider from 
index.html and three.html

hope that helps
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