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Subject: Re: Download website w/c has aes.js
Author: Matt
Date: 09/04/2017 23:37
This is really interesting.  Its either the math complexity or a factor of
speed that's tripping us up

Basically the Preload pages attempt to do a AES decryption three times, and if
the Cookie is not there on the third page load it attempts to make the cookie
again but ships us off to Google's cookies_aren't_working page.

My guess is that its testing for feature or lack there of and were failing

We need to pass the correct cookie back to the server so we can't disable
AES.js because we need it.

It seems to be testcookie-nginx-module "a simple robot mitigation module using
cookie based challenge/response."

So either were not fully supporting the complex math uesed in AES, or were not
fully supporting cookie interaction. Most things like this do something time
consuming that robot tend to skip or simplify, but browsers fully support.

This should go on the pile of bugs/issues as I see no reason why we should be
able to support it.

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