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Subject: Image Filenames with random number?
Author: Fahdi
Date: 06/30/2018 20:28
I need to know why WinHTTrack (GUI version on Windows) changes filenames of
images with a random number at the end please.

I'll show you what I mean.

When I mirror this domain, I just download the images off the site for offline
reading, using wildcards.


You can take this link as an example. When I create its mirror using
WinHTTrack, I get HTML and IMAGE files, like this. The filenames are
jinnatidunia with "1bcd", "2acc" etc. at the end.


The number part confuses me and it causes a problem. Due to these random
numbers, the order of the files is not according to the order on site. So, it
becomes quite tedious to rename the files one by one by checking their number
and renaming them. You can imagine if ~500 image files or so have been
downloaded and you would have to rename them one by one.

You can look at the CSS on the webpage. The images should be downloaded with
the filenames, "mkissnjd-1.gif", "mkissnjd-2.gif" and so on.


But they don't.

I want to ask why is that so? And can I fix it using some method? I'd like to
get the filenames as on the web server or at least to an extent where it's not
this difficult to rename them in a series.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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