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Subject: disable security limit reason why abuse?
Author: NA
Date: 07/10/2018 13:17
I'm not asking how to disable the security limit, of 100. I'm asking why people
keep thinking this is a form of abuse..

If *would* only be an abuse based on the amount of transfers you are doing at
once right?
eg:... if i download from Firefox at 60Mits, that is not Denial-of-service by
any means.. Even 2 concurrent connections may be ok as well.. So, why is this
"so called" abuse automatically associated with DOS attacks, when there is a
clear difference  if its used properly, even with the limit disabled, users
just want more speed from their connection, as long as you don't do 5-10+
simulations transfers there is no worry..

(Based on servers bandwidth obviously), but what i find here on forum, its
more of a global scale, when its really not.

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disable security limit reason why abuse?

07/10/2018 13:17


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