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Subject: Clone Website, Put in WordPress & Add FB Pixel
Author: Kris
Date: 01/17/2019 21:12

I have a FB Ad that potential clients click on “Learn More” or “Book
Now” and it takes them to a co-branded website.  This co-branded website has
my information attached to it, so that the prospects information is saved in
the cookies for 60-days.  If this prospect decided to purchase within that
60-days, I receive credit for the sale.  My problem is....I am paying money
for the FB ads and I have no way to re-market to these prospects.  I am unable
to load my FB pixel on the co-branded website because they owners (very large
company) don’t want to do that for 1000’s of us agents.  Their IT
Department won’t do it.  

So, this is my hopeful work around.....

This is what I would like to achieve.  I would like to copy the co-branded
website from the web and put it in a new domain.  I would only need the home
page in reality.  I would add my FB pixel to this home page, so that I could
capture ip addresses to remarket to these prospects.  When these prospects are
on this cloned home page and they click on anything, then it redirects them to
the real co-branded page where they can see all the information and book.

1.  I know I can clone a website using HTTrack, but after I clone it, can I
put it under a domain in WordPress?2.  Will I be able to add my FB pixel to
the cloned home page?3. Will I be able to redirect the cloned home page to the
co-branded website easily?

I appreciate any input on this.

Thank you and have a great day!

Warm Regards,


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Clone Website, Put in WordPress & Add FB Pixel

01/17/2019 21:12
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