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Subject: Cookies don't work
Author: Danny
Date: 05/26/2019 19:48
Hello. I'm trying to archive a wesite from blogspot that requires a cookie to
access it.

Here is what the cookie looks like:	TRUE	/	FALSE	0	INTERSTITIAL

Here is the cookies.txt file generated by HTTrack:

# HTTrack Website Copier Cookie File
# This file format is compatible with Netscape cookies	TRUE	/	FALSE	1999999999	INTERSTITIAL

I tried running the following command using wget and it worked perfectly:
wget -x --load-cookies=cookies.txt <>

So what's going on? HTTrack seems to be recognizing the cookies file, as there
is a copy of it in the project folder, so why does it fail with a "No data
seems to have been transfered during this session." message?

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05/26/2019 19:48
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