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Subject: Can't login on page
Author: Flo
Date: 05/30/2019 19:32
I am trying really hard to download the content of a website after the login.
The website uses for authentification. I need to click "Log In"
on the website (which points to a memberful URL), then a Pop-Up shows on the
website where I can enter my details.

I tried the following methods to log in HTTRACK:

- creating a new job, using the authentification via "Add URL..." - does not
- I also copied the cookies (from when I was logged in) as the cookie.txt file
to the root folder of the new project (the folder I assigned to the new job in
WinHHTrack). No success.
- Then I tried a combination of that two option. No Success.

Any idea how I can overcome that issue?
Thanks a lot!

Best regards

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