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Subject: Downloading a whole website
Author: Dara
Date: 06/08/2019 19:49

I want to download/archive a whole website which is going to be taken down in
2 months. I want it with all sub-pages and images/photos/videos. The
downloaded site should basically look and be browsed like the original.

The site is <>

I have tried a few times to download now, first it didn't work at all. 
Then I changed the settings in "spider" to "no robots.txt rules".

Now, when I enter the website name <> it only grabs the
first page/home.  
Whenever I click on a link on the grabbed file of the first page, it either
says "file not found" or the page keeps non stop loading but nothing appears.
Even though in "Links" I have enabled "try to catch all URLs", "test all
links" and "get html files first!"

Then I tried grabbing individual threads in this forum. These work sometimes,
but are saved as text only.

What am I doing wrong? Also, when I archive the pages with 
<> everything works fine, so the mistake can't be in the
website itself.

I am thankful for any help!! The forum is very important to me and I only have
time left until August 31!

Thank you!!

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