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Subject: Only index page is opened as local in browser
Author: Paul
Date: 06/28/2019 16:56
Hi! I've downloaded a website but only index page is opened as local in my
browser, when I oped index.html in the download folder,chrome shows this in
the address bar
(file:///C:/mysites/nameofthesite/ But when I
start to navigate the site ex: It's a small ecommerce site, so when I click on
"products", at the top of the page, I get redirected to the original site and
original page... The same with all forms and buttons in the home page. When
the download wasn't completed at 100% this didn't happened, all the stuff was
opened in local...
Perhaps HTTRACK digged too deep and all the buttons was downloaded with the
original scrips and relative links? How can I fix this problem, beside
re-scripting all the tons of forms, buttons and links?

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Only index page is opened as local in browser

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