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Subject: Dropbox and the like
Author: DF
Date: 08/29/2019 22:16
I am trying to download a site of Blogger (Blogspot) with lots of external
links to mp3 files on Dropbox, Adrive, Mediafire.
After including mp3 in the list of files, folders for adrive and dropbox and
subfolders are created, but the program so far hasn't downloaded any files
(some are rar and zip). Is this a matter of the robots.txt? Can't change the
option while the project is running.

Also, after spending 2 hours for the first run of the project, I tried to
update it with new optios, and the first thing the program did was purge and
mass-delete files, so I have to do it all again. Why is that...?

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Dropbox and the like

08/29/2019 22:16


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