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Subject: Did this program ever actually work right?
Author: Windows10
Date: 01/09/2020 17:37
Everything I read says it won't scan external links by default, but that's a
lie (at least on Windows 10). Setting most of the settings have no result.
Want to increase the bandwidth? That's a lie. Want to limit external links?
That's a lie. Want to increase the number of active connections? That's a

Did the windows version every work properly on any Windows OS? What about the
other operating systems? I just need to know before I waste anymore time which
OS should I boot up in a VM to actually copy files from JUST ONE URL and NO
Any information would be seriously appreciated. Before anyone says something
like 'show your command line' like I've seen in every similar post - I'm
obviously not using the command line, I'm clicking buttons in a GUI and they
aren't actually changing anything when the scan starts. Please help.

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Did this program ever actually work right?

01/09/2020 17:37
Re: Did this program ever actually work right?

01/11/2020 21:06


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