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Subject: Downloading subfolder only
Author: OverSavior
Date: 02/02/2020 12:44
There's a site with a gallery that I want to download. It's a multipaged
gallery. Basically, site's address is "" and gallery's address is
"". Gallery has 100 pages, so I need to download pages from
"" to "" with all pictures on it.

So far I tried using rule +*/gallery/*, tried using urllist.txt with all 100
urls, but nothing seems to work right.

Rule doesn't seem to work at all, mirroring depth of X downloads all 100
pages, but without images, while depth of X+1 downloads images as well, but
also A TON of unnecessary data, seemingly because image's address is usually

I'm not sure how to explain the issue better as I don't have quite as much
knowledge. The result I'm trying to get is a gallery page where I could switch
between these 100 pages and see all the images, but not having to download the
rest of the site with it. How can I possibly do this? Any help is highly
appreciated. Been trying to figure it out for quite a while now.

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