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Subject: Connection Problems due to safety issues?
Author: Anne Krause
Date: 02/14/2020 10:23
Dear all,

First of all: Thank you so much for initiating and working on HTTRACK. It is a
great pleasure to have people like you working on such projects.
To my concern: My name is Anne Krause. I was a masterstudent at the
mediaconservation-program at the State Academy of Fine Arts Stuttgart. My
Master thesis was about reconstructing a website of 2006, which was harvested
back then with HTTRACK.
Now I am working at the Green Memory Archive in Berlin. One of my bigger
projects at the moment is to rethink the webarchiving process and find
good/economical ways to optimize the current strategy. I am therefore in close
contact to our IT-department. As you can imagine, there are many security
restrictions which need to be considered. Four weeks ago i asked the
IT-department to update our browsers (IE, Firefox and Chrome) HTTRACK was
running fine up to this point. My IT-colleague told me, that there are more
things to update. I'm sorry i cannot tell you which software versions we had.
Since then HTTRACK is no longer capable to harvest HTTPS-websites through
proxy. So far we have tried different approaches like using different
IP-Protocols, harvest with or without proxy, miss out the "s" in https and so
on. Unfortunately we don't have more ideas, what the problem could be.
Maybe you have another idea? 
We alternatively use the software we used before. It's offline explorer
version 7.6.4630. This program is able to harvest https sites over a proxy -
but we are unhappy, because some content is linked incorrectly and some
content is not being loaded.
Best wishes, 
Anne Krause

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