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Subject: Static version. No external files
Author: Antonio
Date: 04/08/2020 12:45

I want to build an static version from my site in Drupal+Vbulletin. 

I have had some success and the local version works, but it is downloading
every file shown in the forums, even if they are hosted in imageshack,
photobucket, imagur or some other site. I first tried filtering files from
those outside domains, but there are hundreds of them so:

How can a I download all the html structure and all the files in my
server/domain but DONT download files from external domains so they just keep
as links like they are right now?
I have tried to outsource the project configuration so I just have to run it,
but I did not find any freelancer on UpWork or Fiverr that specifically
mentions httrack. Thanks a lot.

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Static version. No external files

04/08/2020 12:45


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