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Subject: Offline page is logged in; links require login
Author: John
Date: 04/13/2020 16:03

I've spend many hours to figure out how i can download an https website which
requires login.
I searched the forum which helped me further.
I use winhttrack on windows 10.
I've managed to download a "logged in" main page.
When i click on a link in the main page the subpage is opened.
It shows not all what i want to see.
In order to see that i must log in. When i try that, the browser goes to the
online subpage.

What i have done:

I used a "logged in cookie" from Firefox to save in the rootfolder of the
project to add to the cookie which was there when i set up the project. From
that point on i resumed the download of the site. It downloaded all, but the
subpages remain with the problem i described above. Even when i added a
username and password for the site in the "add url" windows doesn't solve the

Does anybody know the solution for this problem?
Thanks in advance!


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Offline page is logged in; links require login

04/13/2020 16:03


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