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Subject: Downloading A Site Behind A Javascript Login
Author: Tom
Date: 10/23/2020 14:43
I need to know how to download a part of a website behind a login prompt that
does not have its own login page, just a pop-up window.

I've tried the Capture URL -method, but I have not been able to get to the
point where HTTrack notifies that "Link captured into HTTrack Website Copier,
you can now restore your proxy preferences!". The page just stays loading in
the login page until I change the proxy back to the original IP. There is a
URL in HTTrack after this but it just noticed me about an empty mirror.

I have double checked numerous times that the proxy HTTrack wants me to use is
correct. The problem is this: The page does not have a login page, but the
login pop-up window comes up only in the homepage with Javascript and does not
have its own URL, so the URL of the login page is the same as the homepage.

I have also tried entering the session cookie and User Agent to HTTrack after
logging in, and the download starts but ending up with the local HTML site
being almost empty.

Does anyone know how I can succesfully copy a site behind a login prompt that
is not located on its own login page, but is a popup window without its own
URL? (as the URL for Capture URL should be, and now
it is just

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