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Subject: Re: Trying to rip a page (login)
Author: Naisse
Date: 02/22/2021 03:02
Some (maybe-too-) simple checks:

-Have you logged in before exporting the cookies?
-Have your cookies been exported as Netscape-compatible cookies.txt?Inside
such a file looks like	FALSE	/ct/lib-asks-man-america-great-1-answers-heard
FALSE	1532599690	crfgL0cSt0r	true	FALSE	/consent	FALSE	1532601297	crfgL0cSt0r	true	TRUE	/	TRUE	1563530877	__cfduid
dbfce454d17e032255460a1d8e01d90641531994876 TRUE / FALSE 1595068496 _ga GA1.2.991361300.1531994877

-Is you cookie file a-lying in httrack's "project base folder"? The same
folder as your hts-log.txt?
(never exported my cookies as read-only, by the way).
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