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Subject: NTFS Corruption Bug
Author: zigaudrey
Date: 04/25/2021 21:27

Recently, there is a bug that will "impact" the NTFS drive with one command
know as "$I30 bitmap". As far as I know, this bug marks the drive as dirty and
cause the computer to perform a check disk on reboot. It DOES NOT corrupt the
drive despise what the media says.

It can be triggered on an HTML file while OFFLINE. It is found in the "scr"
property in the "img" tag.

Even if it is harmless, HTTrack has to detect this pathway, change it to
something else and warn the user on which line it was.
It is also apply for any other command line that will damage the computer.

I am aware HTTrack is made for serious sites. This bug is easy to exploit and
scare the users and they may include it out of mischief.

The computer is such a flawed machine and a scary place. Whatever you do,
don't type this command on the command prompt without knowing what it actually
does and how to deal with. It's like nobody told us how to use the computer
correctly and a misuse may harm the computer and important data.

If I made a mistake on the bug, feel free to correct me. I am not a computer
user after all, I have been an artist for long that I wasn't formed on
computer-base case. Imagine the cost if a beginner has to deal with.

Source: Twitter, Enderman, Spoudey

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NTFS Corruption Bug

04/25/2021 21:27


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