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Subject: Browsers loosing page elements
Author: Juergen
Date: 04/28/2021 15:13

I've got the following problem with mirrored sites, consisting in most
browsers missing the respective pages' properties such as backgrounds,
css-files and the like, and therefore causing the pages to loose their
structure and clearness. The fact of the pages links originally pointing to
.php-files might be of condern, while I'm quite shure the problem mentioned
being *not* httrack's fault, for the following reason:

On one of my Linux systems (Old R 61 with Firefox) all is fine, i. e. the
pages backgrounds are shown correctly instead of pure White, and, far more
important, the texts / pages structures are reproduced correctly, with all
indents and textual parts correctly in place.

On another Machine (Aspire E 13) equipped with exactly the same OS & the same
version of Firefox and all adjustment being the same, instead there's only a
white background, and, really troublesome, aside from normal line feeds and
paragraphs the whole text looks like simply written down with a typewriter.
Really awesome, if one wants to compare source code or sth. like that
originally being placed side by side.

The same effect is shown by all Windows-Browsers I tested so far (incl. Opera
and so on), the sites widely beeing ruined in terms of structure and

Has anyone got an idea of how to get rid of that, possibly knowing how to make
the browser working correctly?

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Browsers loosing page elements

04/28/2021 15:13


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