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Subject: Proxy error during last steps of capturing login
Author: Mediamonkey
Date: 07/09/2021 04:30
Hi All!

Need help please, as I've been stuck on this for hours. Trying to download a
HTTPS site, which you need to login to access.

I'm trying to log into a university site, so I can download the course
documentation and files (too much to do by hand).

I followed steps I found (pasted below) but I'm stuck on step 6A. Can you
please help me?
[...STEP 4: Click "Capture URL..." You will notice that it will give you some
Proxy settings for the Proxy IP Address and port.]
TRY 1: Gives an IPV6 address. Didn't work.
TRY 2: I tried encapsulating it in []. Didn't work.
TRY 3: I then disabled IPV6 by unticking the IPV6 box in adapter settings and
rebooting, AND THEN I used Regedit to create at "DisabledComponents" key set
to "FF" and rebooted.
All 3 of these tries result in the same error at step 6A (see step 6A)

[STEP 5: ...If you're using Firefox you would go to Tools > Options > General
> Connection Settings > Check Manual Proxy Configuration. Click OK to save the
When I enter any of the 3 "tries" above, it closes the Catch URL dialog box
and the URL I originally inserted is replaced with another, so everything
always seems fine so far...

[STEP 6A: Login to the site so that HTTrack can capture the login. Once you
log in the browser will tell you "Link captured into HTTrack Website Copier,
you can now restore your proxy preferences!"]
This is where I'm stuck. For all "tries", it's fine when I enter my login
(email), then I press next, then I enter my password and press next and I keep
getting the same error: "The proxy server is refusing connections"

According to the guide I'm using, at this point it's SUPPOSED to replaced my
url with a path to a postfile it wrote to my hard drive. But this doesn't

Not sure if this is important or not: Note that under normal circumstances,
when I put the course URL into my browser address bar (and I'm not logged in)
the URL changes/forwards to a "" URL, and after
logging it the URL reverts to my course URL.

Does anyone have any advice?

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