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Subject: Possible to exclude html code from website mirror?
Author: xenosaga01
Date: 08/15/2021 10:03
So I am trying to learn more about winhttrack. I want to use it to archive a
manga site. The site is massive, so it will take forever and a ton of space in
the long run. Meanwhile, I am testing out trying to download a certain authors
works. The author has 109 individual works. The site is like this:

There are links to individual works on each page, then at the bottom is a page
navigator with 4 more pages all containing individual links as well. 

The problem is that at the bottom of each work, there is a html frame that
contains other works somewhere else on the page. Every page is the same way. I
have noticed that the frame uses: <div class="container"

Is it possible to filter out the id="related-container"> so that it will not
download every page on the site?

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Possible to exclude html code from website mirror?

08/15/2021 10:03


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