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Subject: HTTrack insists on following/downloading external
Author: Monyker
Date: 08/23/2021 18:58
I'm having trouble with WinHTTrack 3.49-2 (HTTrack on Windows). Well, more than
likely, the trouble is me not setting something correctly. :D
I've tried leaving "Maximum external depth" blank, and setting it to 0 (which
I understand is the default, if left blank). I also have "No external pages"
checked. Global travel mode is set to the default, "Stay on the same
I'm trying to archive a classic Google site, with a home page URL of the form:
It seems no matter what I try, HTTrack starts downloading off-site resources.
Log > View file transfers clearly shows HTTrack is downloading resources from
other domains, and if I open the project/download folder, I see subfolders for and numerous other domains, including,,,,, etc.
I've archived other Google Sites websites without encountering this. Any
Thank you!

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HTTrack insists on following/downloading external

08/23/2021 18:58


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