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Subject: Re: Can't scrape text only from
Author: Nancy, fun with Data
Date: 08/27/2021 05:12
I looked through the log files and for the majority of the articles pages it
" Warning: could not detect encoding for:

so any time HTTrack cannot detect encoding for a page it just keeps it as a
TMP file and deletes it in the end. Strange because when i interrupted a
previous scan it turned a LOT of those TMP files into HTML files. So I think
there's a glitch with HTTrack which is over 10 years old now. The devs keep
saying "those are temp files they're suppose to be deleted" but it's not true. 
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Can't scrape text only from

08/26/2021 02:09
Re: Can't scrape text only from

08/27/2021 05:12


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