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Subject: Some pages not downloading
Author: Justin
Date: 04/26/2022 05:49
Hi there, I'm trying to mirror <>, and my mirror works for most
articles (under "English" -> "Contents"), but some stay missing. When I
navigate to some of these on my mirror, it gives a "Click here" page that only
refreshes itself (such as for "The Logic of US Foreign Policy"). In my error
log, I get a lot of "Moved Permanently for" and "File has moved from ... to
..." messages.

I'm new to all this so I don't know what settings are necessary. I've tried
combinations of modifying Spider rules, Browser ID, etc. to no avail. Does
anyone else get the same results?
If you want to try yourself, please note to make the following exclusions to
save time:**
(It's otherwise a pretty fast download if using a reasonable transfer rate.)

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Some pages not downloading

04/26/2022 05:49


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