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Subject: Re: Re:
Author: David
Date: 12/20/2002 13:47
> > I am now trying to use it in command-line mode by 
> > commands to a .bat file from VB6 and executing it using 
> > CreateProcess. It starts WinHTTrack, but stops 
> immediately 
> > with 'File not found' error.
> Ensure that ALL paths are absolute (even -O <paths> 
> this should do the trick. Also ensure that you don't need 
> to escape paths using quotes ('')

Thanks Xavier, but no luck.
I must have tried almost every combination of paths and 
quotes in a bat file, and edited my Win 2000 path variable, 
but the same thing happens: WinHTTrack starts then aborts 
with a message box of "File not found".
How can I at least find what the file is?
FWIW, the contentious command is:
Files\WinHTTrack\WinHTTrack.exe" <http://intranet/viper/> -
O "c:\v1\versions\viper\" 
after doing a CD the WinHTTrack directory.
I'm at a loss.

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