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Subject: Help Required With WinHTTrack Many Settings
Author: GB
Date: 04/06/2024 10:46
Hello everyone out there in the world of website downloading.

I am new to the website downloading process and would like some friendly
advice, directions and help please.

The website I want to download is called Old Australian Telephones

I want to download the website because it has historical significance and
sentimental value to me being an ex-Telstra Tech Officer. Also to be able to
view the website at any time just in case the site is removed from the
internet and also to pass it on to my children.

I have downloaded the website (using WinHTTrack default settings) letting
WinHTTrack do its thing but I think WinHTTrack tried to download half the
internet haha….

WinHTTrack default settings: HTTrack, by default, will capture all links
encountered.  It will not follow links to other websites, because this
behaviour might cause to capture the Web entirely! (It tried to ha-ha)

I have been told the website is only several Gigabyte but over the course of
several days, WinHTTrack managed to download approximately 50 Gigabyte???? Mmm
something wrong here!!!

Not being confident and unsure of the multiple choice of WinHTTrack settings,
I download the website again (using WinHTTrack setting: Download All Sites In
Pages) but came up with the same below results……..

WinHTTrack downloaded all of Old Australian Telephones website webpages,
webpage embedded icon link files (docs, xlsx, pdf, jpg, png) et-cetera. 
But it did not download any files from the webpages hypertext links to other
websites !!!!!!

On inspection of the downloaded website folders, I also found that WinHTTrack
managed to download approximately 45 Gigabyte of data having no relevance to
the downloaded website whatsoever!!!!!!

The download log file (hts-log.txt) for that period showed: some examples - 
Error: "Not Found" (404) at link <> (from
<>) and

Warning: Link <>
not scanned (follow robots meta tag) on many sites. 

But more importantly that dreaded Panic: Too many URLs, giving up..(>100000)
was at the end of the report.

I have also deleted both downloaded Old Australian Telephones website folders
as they were so large. 
I have searched the Httrack Users Guide (3.10), FAQ and Forum for answers to
my problem but with no success. I have looked at WinHTTrack many settings but
still very unsure and confused.

All I want to do is download the website webpages with their embedded icon
links and hypertext link files all working correctly without downloading half
of the internet again he-he.

Can someone out there help please and advise of the correct WinHTTrack
settings I should use?
Thankyou in advance for your time and help……..

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04/06/2024 10:46
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