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Subject: checking if mirroring is complete
Author: Guillaume Yziquel
Date: 05/10/2024 15:22

I tend to launch long running mirroring tasks, with wait times between
downloads (using wget --wait) and have been considering moving to httrack.

Managed to perform some mirroring with httrack. But I'd like to know if there
exists some command line voodoo that would allow me to script the following
question: "is the mirroring complete / up to date ?"

As of today, I do not see 1. how to get that in some shell exit code, for
instance 2. how to do that without downloading files over and over again to
check if they match the original.

Any CLI voodoo handy on that matter ?

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checking if mirroring is complete

05/10/2024 15:22


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