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Subject: rewrite absolute URLs to relativ
Author: Hans Mayer
Date: 06/30/2024 20:35
Dear All, 

Since some years I am running a webserver on port 80 with WordPress in a
private network. There is only static information and not many updates. For
performance and security reasons I run a copy of this server with HTTrack with
public access also on port 80. This works wonderful perect.

I run httrack from command line with options -w -N100 --max-rate=1000000000
--sockets=50 --disable-security-limits -O $ADIR
For updates I run: httrack --update

Now I want to offer HTTPS on the public available webserver. I configured a
virtual server on Apache. Unfortunatelly WP creates all
images with an absolut path <http://and-so-on>. Opening a browser to this https
service almost everything works except images. Looking into developer tools I
can see blocked because of "mixed content". Now a days no browser shows mixed

My question, is there a way to rewrite absolute URLs to relativ URLs with
HTTrack ? I found similar questions here in this forum but
 not realy an answer. 

// Hans 


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