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Subject: Re: Converting to HTTrack
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 09/10/2001 09:29
> Thanks for that.  I don't mind reloading the html 
> files.  So if I'm reading you correctly, HTTrack 
> doesn't cache any files but the images?  So if I 
> all the other files into the correct directory 
> structure, it won't reget those, just the html files?
Should be. In fact, HTTrack stored html data 
and "links" to other files in the cache. If 
a "virtual" file is missing, is will be reget. And if 
a file is present, but not listed in the cache, 
HTTrack will assumt that it is a partial broken file, 
and will ask the server to continue it.

It should work - but some servers will wrongly respond 
to "continue" requests when the file is complete - 
might work, or not..
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