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Subject: Re: Accessing the website Project offline
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 09/15/2001 16:36
> 1.  Could someone please list the step-by-step 
> procedure for accessing the material saved in a 
> Project

Just double click on the top index.html located in the 
project directory!

> Is this just 
> connected to the Website through an ordinary online 
> access or does it have something to do with the 
> Project?  

No, this is locally copied projects

> Neither of these versions of the project is allowed 
> access to my own information nor did they present me 
> with the log on screen that could successfully gain 
> access to my information.  Is there any successful 

If you got a login page, this is NOT a "classic" basic 
authentication, but a form-based authentication, which 
can only be wrapped using "add url/capture url" (more 
complex to use!)

> 2.  The projects I produced have about 6 MB of data 
> them.  I realize that this certainly depends on 
> website is trying to be saved, but does that amount 
> data look like it is in the ballpark?
I don't exactly understand the meaning -  the local 
size is roughly the same as the remote one - except 
some data stored in hts-cache folder (this folder can 
be deleted if you don't want to update the site in the 
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