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Subject: Re: HT track superb
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 09/16/2001 08:45
> I tried 2 other website copier. But compared to ht 
> track, which is best website copier. 

Thanks :))

> I have to copy 23 websites. but I want copy it in 
> minumum time.

Well, do you want all these websites to be reachable 
with shared links? (I mean, one of those website needs 
to access wnother one?)

2 solutions:

- enter all 23 top addresses in the URL list and start 
the download (fastest solution, but you'll have to 
update all websites in the future together)

- create 23 different projects (you can launch one 
project, launch a second winhttrack window, run the 
2nd project and so on..°

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