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Subject: Re: 100% of the processor
Author: Another poster
Date: 09/02/2004 04:40
I want to add additional notes, I am using the program on
Slackware 10.0 and I am using Gkrellm to monitor Cpu use. It
uses my cpu at 100 percent too. But again the unix /*inux
version runs inside Mozilla. Seems mozilla can not handle 
the quick refresh on my computer. My  Pc is  modest 1.7 GHZ
512 MB ram and a  64 MB  video card 9Nvidia) using real driver. 

 The computer   gets slow at times  because the refresh  
eats up all the cycles. My  Suggestion would  be to add a 
refresh delay to the program. I would  contribute to the
code but I  do not know how to  program let alone C language! 
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