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Subject: Re: a general 'log write' callback
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 10/21/2001 15:01
> Humm, a log callback might be interesting - anyway, 
> the 'updated' callback will be included for the next 
> release - and besides parsing log strings might be 
> tough, too :)

Released tomorrow: new wrapper for 3.09 version

With the following prototype:
int __cdecl htsdefault_xfrstatus(void* back) {
  return 1;		// OK (ignored)

This wrapper will be called each time a links is ready 
(transfered, updated, in error..)
The back parameter is a pointer to a lien_back 
structure, whose main members (see complete prototype 
for more info) are:

* hostname, filename and output filename of the link:
char url_adr[HTS_URLMAXSIZE*2];
char url_fil[HTS_URLMAXSIZE*2];
char url_sav[HTS_URLMAXSIZE*2];

* hostname and filename of the referer link:
char referer_adr[HTS_URLMAXSIZE*2];
char referer_fil[HTS_URLMAXSIZE*2];

* location of the first target if the page has moved 
(error 302,303..)
char location_buffer[HTS_URLMAXSIZE*2];

* internal htsblk structure (seel below)
htsblk r;

* the engine had a previous (older?) version and tried 
to update the file
short int is_update;

The r member (htsblk structure) also has important 

* final HTTP status code (200=OK, 404=Not found,...) 
[note: if no error encountered, the code is 200, even 
when the file was updated (HTTP-304) or taken from the 
int statuscode;

* the file was not modified (HTTP-304) since last 
short int notmodified;

* block address if in memory (else, available in the 
url_sav file)
char* adr;

* filesize/blocksize
LLint size;

* final text status message ('OK','Not found'..)
char msg[80];

* MIME type
char contenttype[64];

* content-encoding, if any
char contentencoding[64];

* last-modified header, if any
char lastmodified[64];

* etag header, if any
char etag[64];

* content-disposition header, if any
char cdispo[256]

int __cdecl my_xfrstatus(lien_back* back) {
  if (back->r.statuscode == 200) {
    if (back->r.notmodified)
      printf("%s%s was not modified\n",back-
      printf("%s%s was not modified\n",back-
  } else
    printf("%s%s : error %d\n",back->r.statuscode);
  return 1;		// OK (ignored)

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Re: a general 'log write' callback

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