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Subject: Re: a general 'log write' callback
Author: johng
Date: 10/22/2001 17:22
> Humm, a log callback might be interesting - anyway, 
> the 'updated' callback will be included for the next 
> release - and besides parsing log strings might be 
> tough, too :)

Yes, it is true it could be tough to parse the log 
strings...but it would be nice just to be able to 
intercept them for other reasons such as allowing an 
API user to integrate your messages with other 
messages, as I mentioned. Or to be able to suppress 
some messages. 

Anyway, please keep my offer in mind. I'd be happy to 
do this completely and send back the changed files for 
your approval. It would only take a day, so if you 
ever want it done, let me know. Maybe a time when you 
won't be touching the code for a few days. I think I 
might do the patch in a few weeks anyway and apply it 
for my own personal purposes each time you release a 
new version. So, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE keep on with the 
consistent use of fspc() and fprintf() and only 
using 'opt', 'httrack', and 'cache' as var names that 
hold/point httrackp structs. That makes it VERY easy!!

Again, thanks for the great program,
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