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Subject: appending to 403 error file
Author: Michael
Date: 12/22/2004 00:32
Dear community

The site I currently try to mirror is giving me a 403 every
once in a while (I really would like to how why, though, as
it always works fine via browser). HTTrack also correctly
show this in the error log. However, a file will be created
(which would have been the actual file that should have been
downloaded) with the 403  HTML code from the webserver.

If I try again and some of the 403s are working, the data of
the file is appended to the already existing file with the
HTML code.
As a result, all files downloaded that way will be crap.

How can this be avoided? Is there some kind of option to
deal with stuff like that or is it really a flaw in HTTrack?

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12/22/2004 00:32
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