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Subject: Gif to png conversion in the docs.
Author: Mark Cramer
Date: 12/29/2004 17:31

FYI, I just ran my gif to png converter across the graphics in the doco
included in 3.33RC4 and the size dropped from 380279 bytes for the gifs to
238162 bytes for the pngs.

Changing the doco to reference the pngs rather than gifs would drop the size
of the httrack zip file down by ~140k, ~4%.  I put a zip containing just the
changed htmls and the pngs at
<> (~420K), in case
you'ld like to update the zip.

I hope this will prove helpful, with bandwidth if nothing else, I know
WinHTTrack has helped me. I love it.



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Gif to png conversion in the docs.

12/29/2004 17:31
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12/29/2004 19:13


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