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Subject: possibility to mirror only the postlist and using?
Author: Heike
Date: 01/16/2005 12:04
At first sorry for my bad English. I hope you will 
nevertheless understand my question. I'm using httrack for 
more then 1 year now and it is great. 
The website I'm trying to download uses PHP. It's a forum. 
After many tries and errors now my scan rules are o.k.. 
Each week I'm downloading the first 20 Postlists and the 
To do this I have added each URL. 


By using Options /Build the parameter %h%p/%n%[Number].%t 
all threads were saved by its origin name. So I have got 
all threads. 
Is there a possibility to mirror only the postlist and 
using the threads I have got? Mirroring the 20 postlists 
with all links takes 60 minutes.

I have tried to mirror with
It takes the first postlist, than the 10 threads, than the 
2. postlist and the 10 treads, than the 3. Postlist and so 
on. Not helpful for me.

Than I have tried to do it like I do each week with adding 
each URL. I found out the limit is 150. In this case 
httrack mirrors at first the 150 postlists. Than I aborted 
the download and thought I have got it. But it wasn't. With 
the first links it works but later on for example on page 
10 the links are not 
.html but 

Has anyone a solution for me? Download all postlists will 
take 10 minutes, download all will take 20 hours.


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possibility to mirror only the postlist and using?

01/16/2005 12:04


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