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Subject: HTTrack development question.
Author: Peter Yohe
Date: 01/18/2005 22:07
Hello Xavier,

HTTrack has been a wonderful tool to use building The 
eGranary Digital Library. We are exploring ways to make 
the eGranary work better as a resource for the schools and 
universities in developing countries. An example of one of 
the things we would like to do differently would be to 
make links between different mirrored projects work, if 
there are links. We would also like to have the links work 
when we acquire a new mirror and an old project contains 
some links to the new content.

I’ve seen discussions in the HTTrack forum about this or 
similar issues and one solution was to combine all the 
mirrors into one project. This might work for some of our 
content, the content and related 
sites for instance, but I’m not sure this would be the way 
to manage all 250+ sites.

Back in 2001 you hinted that there might be a way in the 
future to “create ONE project using two projects, merging 
the pages and cache data. This is something that may be 
added in the future, however..” 
Then, I noticed in October 2004 you commented that “This 
is not possible for the moment, and it would require some 
coding (collecting all caches and links), as httrack is 
not well dimensionned for that. Cross-linking is handled 
per projects, but not yet globally ..” 
It seems to me that this kind of cross-linking management 
across projects would be what we would like to use. Do you 
have plans to try to take HTTrack in this direction?  If 
the extra design and coding is an issue, would you be 
willing to discuss this further with us? Please feel free 
to contact me.
I look forward to hearing back from you. If you have any 
questions about our project, please visit us at 
My very best regards,

Peter Yohe

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