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Subject: Httrack and SPIP
Author: Clomar
Date: 01/25/2005 16:23
I have quickly developped a model of a web site with SPIP.
I used Httrack in order to send the result to the future 
users and get their opinion on it.
It is very easy to do that but i have a problem with the 
result of the extraction: the index of the SPIP site has an 
implicit name and the url is: <http://Work/> where Work is 
the name of the SPIP project. So, Httrack does not extract 
the link for the welcome page and i can't go back to the 
index after navigation.
Can someone help me?
PS: excuse the english of a french frog.

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Httrack and SPIP

01/25/2005 16:23
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