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Subject: Can't mirror a site although reading the Forum
Author: Thore Oltersdorf
Date: 01/27/2005 23:53

I tried to mirror some free texts of some translated authors on


I tried to ignore robots.txt in the category of spider of
WinHTTrack and changed the maximum bandwidth and the number
of connections. I changed the identity, too. But nothing
worked. All the time I get similar results. When I try to
mirror the site I get only an almost empty page which
redirects me directly back to the commercial Website of
Project Gutenberg-DE (more precise: to the homepage of this
Can anyone help me with a bit more instructions, because I
used WinHTTrack and HTTrack till now only in the default mode.
Another question I have depends on this site, too. I think
the owner modified everything so mirroring is as difficult
as possible...
They put the open texts for our example of "Dorian Gray" in
different sites like
<> ...
/gray02.htm ... etc.
A link called "Printed Version" is linked to
This link only merges inside of the first mentioned site
(exactly one level deeper). Can you tell me how to handle
this filter option. Because there are other links which are
not important and lead to totally other things.

Thank you very much,

Thore Oltersdorf

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Can't mirror a site although reading the Forum

01/27/2005 23:53
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