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Subject: Down load an AutoLoadFile
Author: Patrick Le
Date: 01/31/2005 23:09
Dear Mr. Xavier Roche and other Experts
Thank you and your friends very much for contribution to 
the freedom of research the web.
The WinHTTrack to me is the best one now on the web.
It is very flexible, more control. It was me to blame for 
not understand or not be creative enough to use. 

For example, I have been spending many weeks to try the 
following without any sucess.

Objective:download the files with file extension MUS (which 
is music Finale files) from 

the first file is Ai.htm on the main page, clearly 
indicates it will download a file name Ai.mus from  
<> according to the codes below:
 <body onload='clp_clear()' background="BaiCacHopAm.jpg"><p 
align="center"><object classid="clsid:F3327EEF-2CD0-4790-
8A31-1F3B9312519D" id="FinaleViewer1" width="810" 
height="512"><param name="AutoLoadFile" valuetype="ref" 
First,I 've tried include/exclude files according to scan 
-*.wma -*.jpg -*.pic

The result: No *.MUS file download, the exluded files were 
really exluded no problem.

Secondly if I selected the Get separated files and entered  
a single file name, then the file is downloaded. This 
proved that the file is in the same link.

Please tell me what I did wrong.

Thanks again

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01/31/2005 23:09
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