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Subject: Stadistics > Can this be done?
Author: Ouzzo
Date: 02/02/2005 21:21

I am using httrack to make a poor man's speed analisys in a
huge web site. After a fast look on the manual, I tried this:

$ httrack --spider <>

I have discovered I can get the size of the html files with
a bit of text editor + spreadsheet magic from ./hts-cache/

What I would like to get now is the size of non-html files
linked by this html (images, css, and so on). I have two

1) I guess I should first stop using --testsite and mirror
the linked files, or is there any way to get their size
without downloading them?
2) Can I know wich files are linked by an html file?
Thanks in advance.

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Stadistics > Can this be done?

02/02/2005 21:21
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02/02/2005 21:25


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