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Subject: Feedback on graphical WinHTTrack 3.33-RC6 Beta
Author: bk
Date: 02/02/2005 23:20
Hi guys,
Thanks, Xavier Roche et al,  for giving the world 
such a great tool.
I'm using the graphical version of WinHTTrack
v3.33-RC6, helping to test it after my happy
experience with v3.32. I have two points to 
First, during mirroring the data transfer rate and 
the number of links scanned are shown with 
extra values in brackets, so:
    Transfer rate      100 KiB/s (x KiB/s)
    Links scanned     50/172    (+ y).
However, the manuals and the FAQs do not tell you
what the bracketed values, x and y, stand for.
Second, here is a peculiar result I obtain when I 
try to download a large number of images. I create
a text file containing the list the URLs, so 
    ... etc. etc.
Then I use HTTrack to mirror from the list. I have
discovered that I get many more "Service not available(503)"
errors using this list than when I use a text file with
exactly the same URLs, but without the "http://" prefix.
That is, with every other setting remaining the same,
I get many more type-503 errors when I use the above 
list, and also more often, than when I use the list
    ... etc. etc.
Is there any explanation for this phenomenon? 

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Feedback on graphical WinHTTrack 3.33-RC6 Beta

02/02/2005 23:20
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