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Subject: * * HTTrack 3.33 (final) has been released!
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 02/05/2005 10:04
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Summary of all changes since 3.32-2:
+ Fixed: Bogus redirects with same location in https
+ Fixed: Bogus file naming with URL hack
+ Fixed: Extremly slow redirections and empty files
+ Fixed: Bogus names with directories ending with a "."
+ New: Number of connection per second can now be.. 
decimal, to delay even more
+ New: Enforce stronger ISO9660 compliance
+ Shell: "URL Hack" in interface
+ Shell: "Save settings" now rebuild categories
+ Shell: "Shutdown PC after mirror" option
+ Shell: Sound at the begining/end or the mirror 
(configurable through system sound properties)
+ Shell: Fixed drag & drop, .url import
+ Shell: Fixed "wizard" mode (crash)
+ Fixed: Crash at the end due to unterminated pending 
threads (Berti)
+ Fixed: \ is not anymore transformed into / after the 
query (?) delimiter
+ New: Two new callbacks for pre/post-processing html data
+ New: link-detected2 callback (additional tag name 
+ Fixed: Broken ISO9660
+ Fixed: Crash on file:// links
+ Fixed: Unescaped ampersands (&) in URLs
+ Fixed: Transfer hangs introduced in 3.33-beta-2
+ Fixed: Display bug "Waiting for scheduled time.."
+ Fixed: Bug "Waiting for scheduled time.." (NOT a display 
bug, actually)
+ Fixed: CaSe SenSiTiViTy bugs with mutliple links 
reffering to the same URL but using different case styles
+ Fixed: Failed to build from sources (FTBFS) on amd64 
archs because of cast problems (Andreas Jochens)
+ Fixed: & were converted into &nbsp; (Leto Kauler)
+ Shell: Fixed crash with long URL lists (Libor Striz)
+ Fixed: connection/seconds limiter replugged
+ Fixed: "no files updated" display bug
+ Fixed: bogus links encoded with UTF (Lukasz Wozniak)
+ New: --assume can be used to force a specific script type 
(Brian Schröder)

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* * HTTrack 3.33 (final) has been released!

02/05/2005 10:04
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